Meet the Mumm Masonry LLC Team

Tyler Mumm, Brickslayer

Growing up around masonry, Tyler’s had a few years to master the art of bricklaying and stonemasonry. He’s been slaying bricks (and block and stone) for the past 6+ years. Only after working as a mason tender/hod carrier for the 8 years prior was he able to level up to the title of “mason.” 

LIKES: Fishing, chicken fried steak, and Sookie. 

DISLIKES: Scary movies, unfamiliar foods, and getting dragged to social functions. 

Ashley mumm, digital overlord

Until meeting Tyler, Ashley knew very little (and had no desire to know much more) about masonry. She has since learned more than she ever wanted to about masonry!

Day to day, she manages the Mumm Masonry schedule, website, and all things technical/financial. She also serves as interpreter for Tyler’s to offer a more friendly interaction for prospective and current clients. 

LIKES: Baking, painting, and scary movies.  

DISLIKES: Super spicy foods, unanswered emails, and dragging Tyler to social functions.  

sookie mumm, office manager

Also having grown up around the industry, Sookie knows a thing or two about managing an office for a masonry business. She keeps the rest of the team in line and knows the importance of taking life one day at a time. Though she lets Ashley reply to emails, she does screen each and every correspondence. 

LIKES: Whipped cream, naps, and stealing toys from Hercules. 

DISLIKES: The postman/woman, rain, and not getting enough sleep. 

Hercules mumm, office assistant

Another product of a masonry household, Hercules is still learning the ropes of being an office assistant. For now, he doesn’t contribute much but is highly entertaining and keeps the workplace mood light. 

LIKES: Everyone he’s ever met, going to networking events, and sleeping.

DISLIKES: Camping, an empty food bowl, and the end of summer.